The Blue Hour Farm

Blue Hour Farm
In the early morning as the sky is dark to the human eye, the Blue Hour is glowing around this small farm house.

Self Portrait

I have enjoyed owning a motorcycle for years. It is just like meditating when you go on a long ride with no other destractions other than you, the people around you, and the road.
Tea Party
I have enjoyed tea parties since I was a young girl. I have collected all different shapes and sizes tea cups and kettles which I continue to have parties with.
Missing you
I have always wonder where dogs go when they leave us. I lost two of the most amazing dogs in one year. I like to think I will remember them forever.
Friends and I like to get together and have what we call light nights. This is where everyone brings their own light up wands, hoops, poi, and gloves to do shows with.

Under The Sea